Analysis Of Common Problems Of Paper Bag Machine

- Apr 20, 2020-

Analysis of common problems of paper bag machine

Q: Is the bag wrinkled when passing the middle rubber roller?

   Paper bag machine Answer: 1. The cooling effect of the back seal is not good;

    2. The pressure of the middle rubber roller is uneven;

    3. The air pressure is too high;

    4. Excessive dust on the middle rubber roller;

    5. The temperature of the back seal is too high;

    6. The air pressure of the feeding floating roller of the second-hand bag making machine is too high;

    7. The installation of the diaphragm is inclined;

    Paper bag machine 2. Q: At the front cutter rubber roller, does the film go in one direction?

    Answer: 1. The pressure of the rubber roller is not uniform, and the advancing film moves toward the direction of high pressure;

    2. The photoelectric frame is tilted to keep the front rubber roller horizontal;

    3. The punching knife is not installed well, and it is easy to tilt;

    4. The thickness of the two sides of the film is uneven;

    5. The pressure of the horizontal sealing knife is not uniform, and the other side goes toward that side;

    6. Oblique on the diaphragm;

    7. The middle rubber roller is not parallel; 3. Q: Is there no film on the small film plate?

    Answer: 1. The white roller installation should not exceed the template, preferably 8mm narrower;

    2. The pressure on the hammer is small;

    3. The upper hammer of the membrane is inclined outwards and inwards;

    4. Oblique on the diaphragm;

    5. The pressure at the rubber roller should not be too large;

    6. Excessive feeding tension is not easy to apply film;

    7. The tension of the film roll is not good;

    Paper bag machine 4. Q: How long is the bag out?

    Answer: 1. There is a lot of dust on the photoelectric head;

    2. The photoelectric sensitivity is not enough;

    3. Tracking electricity is not obvious;

            4. Excessive pressure of sealing knife;

     Paper bag machine 5. There are dirty things on the glue stick;

    6. The air pressure of the feeding floating roller used is too high;

    7. Unwinding tension is too large;

    8. The longitudinal sealing knife is too tight;

    9. The temperature of the horizontal sealing knife is too high.

    10. Low air pressure at the front and middle rubber rollers;

    11. Feeding and pressing are not synchronized;

    12. The distance between photoelectric and cutter is too long;

    13. The difference between the waiting time and the heat sealing time is too large;