Compared To Rotary Letterpress Printing, Flexographic Printing Also Has Certain Limitations:

- Dec 26, 2019-

Compared to rotary letterpress printing, flexographic printing also has certain limitations:


  1. There are certain limitations in printing


In terms of small text and thin strips, it is not as fine as embossing; it is not as soft as embossing on the gradient of network lines. But with the development of laser plate-making and the increasing progress of flexographic printing equipment, this problem has been basically solved. After our company switched from letterpress to flexo printing using laser plate-making, we used GALLUS flexo printing machine to almost overcome the above-mentioned problems and received customer recognition.


  2. Have certain requirements on the number of prints


Compared to rotary letterpress machines, due to the long body of the flexographic machine, the loss of commissioning is large. In addition, relative to rotary embossing, flexographic printing has higher requirements and costs are relatively high. Therefore, flexo printing equipment has certain requirements on the number of printing. The larger the order quantity, the more it can reflect the advantages of flexo printing.


The entire market for China's self-adhesive labels is still immature, and most of the orders are still more varieties and fewer in number; the printing market has not started for a long time, and the printing market reflects that low-end labels are mainly trademark machines, and ordinary automatic Labeling is mainly based on rotary embossing, and high-end products are mainly flexo printing. The development of Suzhou Jiangtian Company is a microcosm of the development of label printing in China. Jiangtian started from two trademark machines in 1992. With the development of its business, in 1998, it purchased two rotary letterpress machines one after another. Since 2002, in order to meet the needs of market development, began to purchase 8-color GALLUS flexo presses. Now, in order to meet the higher requirements of the market, a higher configuration combined flexo printing unit will be purchased. We believe that flexographic printing represents the direction of label printing. As the sticker label printing market matures, more and more exquisite labels on the market will be perfectly reflected by flexographic printing.