How Many People Are Required To Operate A Plastic Bag Making Machine

- May 01, 2020-

How many people are required to operate a plastic bag making machine? What should I do? The following plastic bag machine manufacturers will talk to you about this topic.

Only one person is needed to operate the plastic bag making machine. If it is household voltage, single-phase 2-wire 220v is required, and if industrial voltage is 3-phase 4-wire 380v. If you want to print, buy another printing machine. Except for 1 ~ 2 people to feed and receive the finished product during production, the rest of the steps are fully automated, reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency; the production speed and product size can be adjusted within a certain range; the multi-functional automatic non-woven bag making machine uses a touch screen Operation, equipped with stepping fixed length, photoelectric tracking (accurate and stable operation), automatic counting (counting alarm can be set), automatic drilling and other industrial control devices; at the same time, in order to further achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection, the installation of residual material recovery The device automatically collects the waste materials generated in the production process to facilitate the secondary use.

The lubricating part of the mechanical transmission of the vest bag making machine should be regularly filled with lubricating oil to maintain a good state of activity. The rod shaft on both sides of the hot knife needs to be lubricated once per shift, and the knife should be oiled every 4 hours. When refueling the machine, oil must not leak into the drive, and the drive must ensure that the air duct is clear.