How To Repair The Glove Machine?

- Jul 31, 2020-

How to repair the glove machine?

At present, the glove machine that appears on the market is a textile glove knitting machine that appears in modern times, and can generally produce various half-finger, full-finger gloves, five-toed socks and labor protection gloves. Many adults should know that the machine will fail after a long time of use. In order to improve the efficiency of the machine, it is necessary to understand the fault maintenance methods of the glove machine. Let's take a look at a few simple problem repair methods.

   1, firing pin

   The striker is a kind of failure that often occurs in knitting machinery. Although the layman has rarely heard of it, it will have an important impact on the use of the machine. Therefore, the striker phenomenon should be avoided when using it. Knitted gloves are now used in our life very much, and the glove knitting machines that produce it are constantly used by manufacturers. In the process of knitting the glove, the needle butt of the knitting needle often collides with each knitting triangle to cause mechanical failure. This is what we call the striker. For such failures, the glove knitting machine is very susceptible to damage, so it has been resolved immediately, so as to avoid excessive mechanical damage. Therefore, the manufacturer of the glove knitting machine must always check the machine, repair or understand the solution to the firing pin failure, so as to avoid the occurrence of the firing pin failure.

   2. Break the looper thread

Many cotton glove manufacturers will encounter the fault that the upper looper thread is often broken. There are two main reasons for this fault. One is the wrong thread or the excessive pressure on the lower looper thread clamp. The failure should pay attention to the security of the threading or loosen some clamp nuts on the upper looper thread. The second reason is the eyelashes of the upper looper needle. If this is the reason, you should use a string to apply a polishing paste and pierce the upper looper needle to pull the light. Or just change the looper.

The above is about how many people will be overwhelmed when faced with the failure of the glove machine. In fact, many simple problems are worth paying attention to. The problem with the equipment is not necessarily that the maintenance is not good. The truth!