In The Production Process Of Printing Enterprises, Quality Management Is More Effective According To These Four Points!

- Mar 29, 2021-

In the production process of printing enterprises, quality management is more effective according to these four points!

Any enterprise, when facing the peak production season, there will always be a choice between quality and quantity. Either seek short-term gains to ruin the development prospects of the enterprise; or take quality into account and work hard. If there is a problem with product quality, it will not only increase the additional cost of rework, but also cause customer complaints, which directly affects the company's economic benefits and damages the company's reputation. Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen enterprise product quality management. For printing companies, quality management is also the top priority!

  01. Quality management of production process Web printing machine Flexo printing machine Envelope bag making machine

  The whole process of industrial production refers to a series of processes starting from market research, product development and design, product process preparation, raw material procurement, production organization, control, inspection, packaging and storage to sales and service. That is to conceive and produce ideal products, push the products to the society, and provide users with use value. The basic method of total quality management is the whole process of quality management, which guarantees the quality of products by improving the quality of work in each link. Web printing machine Flexo printing machine Envelope bag making machine

   The standards for measuring the quality of the production process are: high yield, high quality, and low consumption. It can also be said that the quantified index is reflected in the input-output rate.

  In the production process, business managers strive to produce as many products as possible to meet the needs of users with the least labor consumption (including materialized labor and living labor). For us, it is to produce products that meet the company's quality requirements at the least cost. Web printing machine Flexo printing machine Envelope bag making machine

  To achieve this goal of the production process, one is that all production factors, human, financial, material, information, etc., meet the needs of the production of products in terms of quality and quantity. This is the prerequisite and basic condition for organizing the production process. Therefore, production management must start from the basic conditions. The second is to make the production factors in the best combined state in the production process, and form a complete system that is connected, closely coordinated, orderly, and highly efficient in accordance with the requirements of the product production process.

   To ensure the best combination state, which has rich management connotation, it must be implemented and realized through a series of technical methods and management measures, using the functions of planning, organization, and control. The 5S management that we have recently implemented and the total quality management that we will implement are specific measures to improve our management level.

  The task of quality management in the production process is to achieve compliance quality and make the products produced meet the product standards required by the design. After inspection, the products that meet the standards are qualified products, and those that do not meet the standards are defective products or waste products. Product inspection is the common task of all managers and all employees, and of course it is the responsibility of QC personnel.

  02. Production process quality control measures Web printing machine Flexo printing machine Envelope bag making machine

  1. Insist on organizing production according to standards

  Standardization work is an important prerequisite for quality management, and it is the need to achieve standardization of management. Enterprise standards are divided into technical standards and management standards. Work standards are actually separated from management standards and are part of management standards. Technical standards are mainly divided into raw materials and auxiliary materials standards, process tooling standards, semi-finished products standards, finished products standards, packaging standards, inspection standards, etc. It is to control the quality of the input materials in each process along the line forming the product, and to set the checkpoints at each level to keep the production process under control. In the technical standard system, all standards are developed with product standards as the core, and they are all in order to meet the standards of finished products. Web printing machine Flexo printing machine Envelope bag making machine

  Management standards are to regulate people's behavior, regulate the relationship between people, and regulate the relationship between people and things. They are used to improve the quality of work and ensure the quality of products. It includes product process regulations, operating regulations, and economic responsibility systems. The degree of enterprise standardization reflects the level of enterprise management. To ensure product quality, enterprises must first establish and improve various technical standards and management standards, and strive to support them. The second is to strictly implement the standards, standardize the quality of materials and people's work in the production process, strictly assess, and honor rewards and penalties. The third is to continuously revise and improve standards, implement new standards, and ensure the advanced nature of standards.