Paper Bag Machine Maintenance And Use Skills

- Apr 27, 2020-

Paper bag machine maintenance and use skills

     Modern printing machines are generally composed of plate-setting, ink-coating, embossing, paper feeding (including folding) and other mechanisms. Its working principle is: first make the text and image to be printed into a printing plate, install it on the printing machine, and then apply the ink to the place where the text and image are on the printing plate by manual or printing machine, and then directly or indirectly transfer Print onto paper or other substrates (such as textiles, metal plates, plastics, leather, wooden boards, glass, and ceramics) to reproduce the same printed matter as the printing plate. The invention and development of printing machines play an important role in the spread of human civilization and culture.

    Among the many maintenance materials of paper bag machine, lubricating oil and related chemical products are relatively neglected. Probably because of the correct selection of these materials, it will not cause an immediate adverse impact on the manufactured products produced by the manufacturer. Mechanical equipment is often found to have problems after being used for a long period of time.

    The application range of grease is very wide, and the working conditions are also very different. Different mechanical equipment has very different requirements for grease performance. Grease performance is a comprehensive expression of grease composition and its preparation process. The evaluation of grease performance is not only of decisive significance in production and research work, but also in the selection and inspection of grease in the use department. According to the specific conditions of grease parts for automobiles and construction machinery, the basic requirements for grease are: appropriate consistency, good high and low temperature performance, good extreme pressure, abrasion resistance, good water resistance, corrosion resistance, rust prevention and stability Sex and so on.

    The type of grease can be roughly classified according to its hardness, pressure feedability, dropping point, water resistance and stability. When using the die-cutting machine, it is necessary to control the position of the operation panel, so that it is safer to adjust the pressure and skew adjustment of the die-cutting plate, and it can be adjusted at any time when the machine is turned on.

    The die-cutting pressure adjustment of the general die-cutting machine of the paper bag machine adopts the upper adjustment method and the lower adjustment method, which is to adjust the upper part of the paper or the lower part of the paper. Most die cutting machines use upper adjustment. Because from a technical point of view, if the two-seater die-cutting is used, it is difficult to make the paper feed at a level. Similarly, for the adjustment of the skew of the die-cutting plate, the method of the upper adjustment is also possible, which all have the same reason. Manufacturers must consider this factor when choosing machines, especially machines with dual die-cutting seats.

    Paper bag machine hardness or penetration is a measurable characteristic that must be considered when selecting an appropriate grease. The hardness of the grease is determined by the number, No. 0 is the softest, and then increases to No. 6 with No. 1 and No. 2. The hardness of No. 6 is the same as that of soap bars. The mud in the garden is easy to shovel and is hard to shovel. The hardness of the grease is the same. It is graded according to the penetration depth of the grease from a certain height. Printing machinery must add appropriate hardness grease in accordance with the requirements of the printing machine manufacturer, otherwise it may cause insufficient lubrication or increased resistance to the machine parts. Traditionally, the design and production of lubricating greases have only focused on dealing with the single problem faced by mechanical equipment. Such as high temperature, high speed, high pressure or wear resistance. Since then, due to the requirements of machinery manufacturers and the increasing competition in the market, the production of grease has gradually moved towards multi-functional direction. However, general petroleum products always have their limits of use, and they have not been able to effectively meet the rapid development requirements of modern production equipment. Although choosing the right lubricant is not an easy task, there are also some professional lubricant suppliers in the market that can provide professional data and long-term after-sales service, in order to reduce customer errors in use and avoid wasting precious time and money. You may wish to listen to the opinions of the industry and believe that it will help protect the good performance of the printing press