Selection And Follow-up Maintenance Of Slitting Machine

- Apr 02, 2019-

Selection and follow-up maintenance of slitting machine

Nowadays, there are more and more slitting machines on the market. How to choose the slitting machine that you want in a market with so many varieties and different quality levels is a problem that every user is very concerned about.

Because the quality of the slitting machine directly affects whether the internal production of the enterprise can always be in an efficient operation state, it is an important production equipment to ensure the efficiency of the production of the enterprise. Slitting Machine In today's fast-growing economy, slitting machines have gradually become more popular machinery in the market, because slitting machines play an irreplaceable role in the machinery industry.

But today there are so many different manufacturers on the market. The slitting machines produced by a manufacturer always have good or bad, so we have to choose the right slitting machine. First of all, we all know that the most important thing for a company is Production efficiency, so when we choose the slitting machine, we can choose the appropriate slitting machine according to the requirements of our own enterprise and our own actual production line. After all, it is suitable for the perfect match with our own manufacturers, and it can be rationalized. , efficient. Secondly, in addition to the most important efficiency, the accuracy and stability of the slitter work needs to be considered. The accuracy of the slitter directly affects whether the appearance of the manufactured product meets the specifications and aesthetics. Stability is an auxiliary condition for production efficiency. Stability requires the cutting machine to be reasonably reliable in product design and structure. The line distribution is regular and the material of the parts is stable and firm. Only such a high-quality slitting machine can guarantee the machine. Long-term and high-load work can ensure stable and reliable normal operation. The long-term stable operation of the slitting machine can maintain the production efficiency at a relatively high level, meet the production needs of customers, and bring great guarantee to the quality of the products. More importantly, a good quality slitting machine has a very long service life. It is not easy to have some problems during use, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the user, so we are purchasing the slitting machine. In fact, it is also a kind of disguised investment, remember not to be cheap, or else it will not be worth the loss.

But the slitting machine is the same as the car. A good slitting machine needs maintenance. If we neglect the maintenance of the slitting machine, the production efficiency of the slitting machine may be lower, which may lead to slitting. The machine can run normally.

First of all, the machine part of the most important slitting machine, we should regularly check and maintain the electrical equipment in the machine tool equipment to ensure that the electrical equipment is not damaged or weakened, and the protective cover of the electrical equipment should be fully sealed to ensure the external Dust, iron filings and all kinds of debris cannot enter the electrical equipment to avoid damage to the equipment. There is also a place where all electrical equipment needs attention. The grounding must be checked. This is a factor that may cause electric shock.

Secondly, if there is an electrical equipment to be replaced, it is necessary to select the original specification of electrical equipment. If the power supply is used, it is recommended to use a stable power supply. The operator should also clean the ground regularly to keep the cutting machine clean and tidy.