Seven Characteristics Of Paper Straw Packaging Machine

- Mar 30, 2019-

Seven characteristics of paper straw packaging machine

What are the seven characteristics of the paper straw packaging machine as a professional equipment for producing paper tubes? The following is a high-quality machine from the paper straw packaging machine manufacturer to learn with everyone.

1, computer remote PLC control

The paper straw packaging machine adopts computer technology, communication technology, microelectronic technology and automatic control technology in research and development. This paper straw packaging machine with remote PLC control function becomes simple and convenient, with wider application range and more reliability. Strong.

2, automatic pipe cutting, automatic drop pipe and paper out, paper break automatic stop function

The paper straw packaging machine can realize the automatic pipe cutting and dropping pipe functions in the process of paper tube production, and the automatic tape breaking and paper outage stop function can stop the energy saving in time (to avoid the failure), and this automatic function is added. Paper tube machine equipment is more convenient and quick to use.

3. Automatic shifting during cutting

The paper tube packaging machine does not have the same output speed during normal production, so cutting the automatic shifting function is especially important at this time.

4, digital remote control and multi-point operation panel

A variety of operational control methods make the paper tube machine more convenient and user-friendly.

5, automatic gluing

When the old paper tube machine is used to produce paper tubes, if the amount of glue is insufficient, it is usually added manually. Manual glue is not only slow, low efficiency, but also has a certain influence on the production of normal paper tubes, and the automatic gluing of paper tube machine equipment. The function solves the above problem very well.

6, round knife cutting

The paper straw packaging machine produced by Tall Machinery uses a round cutting blade, and the round cutter uses a paper tube product cut that makes the paper tube machine cut more flat.

7, nearly 100 kinds of function settings

According to the needs of different users, the parameters of the paper straw packaging machine can be adjusted in nearly one hundred kinds.

Paper tube machine equipment is a kind of equipment that needs to be mastered by professional technicians or technicians. What should we pay attention to when installing, using, operating and maintaining? As a manufacturer, Gaoda Machinery will give you a detailed introduction.

Before installing the paper tube machine equipment, you should make sufficient preparations (ready to install tools and materials, etc.), and wait until the paper tube machine equipment is shipped to the installation site to start unpacking, inspection and preparation work.

1. Unpacking inspection: When unpacking the paper tube machine equipment, it should be observed whether the appearance is damaged or not, and whether the accessories are complete;

2. Disassembly and cleaning: If the machine is contaminated during the transportation of the paper tube machine equipment, it should be thoroughly cleaned, and the paper tube machine equipment should be rust-proofing agent in order to enhance its anti-rust ability when leaving the factory. Thoroughly remove rust preventive, dust, metal scraps, etc. before cleaning.

3. Lubrication: The installed paper tube machine equipment should be fully lubricated to ensure normal and stable use. When lubricating the paper tube machine, it should ensure that the lubrication personnel and the surrounding environment are clean and free of dust. Use the manufacturer to develop brand type lubricants. (Do not use inferior lubricants for cheaper use.) If foreign matter and impurities are found in the lubricating oil, it must be filtered before use. Pay attention to the position of the oil mark when adding lubricating oil (not to exceed and too little).