Slitting Machine Equipment Safe Operation

- Apr 09, 2019-

Slitting machine equipment safe operation

Slitting machine equipment has been widely used in some printing, packaging and other industries to produce some plastic tubes, but everyone knows that all large paper tube machines are very easy to operate if they are not operated correctly. Dangerous situation, so let me explain to you how to safely operate the slitting machine.

1. Before operating any paper tube machine, you need to read the instruction manual of the product, and strictly follow the prescribed instructions in the operation process.

2. Tightening the cuffs of the overalls, it is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment with gloves, so as to avoid the danger of the clothes and gloves being caught in the equipment during the operation of the slitting machine, which not only affects the operation of the equipment, It is also a very serious danger to the safety of human life.

3. During the operation of the slitter device, do not place anything on the rotating part of the device, or put the head or hand into the rotating part of the device during the operation. These are very dangerous. .

4. In the process of repairing this product, the product must be powered off and all power supplies must be cut off for subsequent maintenance.

5. Do not place any sundries around the cutting machine. The product should be given a clean and tidy environment. Otherwise, the product may be inconvenient during operation or may affect the operation of the product.

Slitting machine is a widely used product in today's paper tube machine machinery. It is mainly used in some printing, packaging and other industries to produce and manufacture paper tubes for some films and tapes.

It is capable of manufacturing a variety of different inner diameter paper tubes, and can be manufactured to some 25mm, 38mm, 40mm, 76mm, 152mm, and is also very diverse in length, and can be in an effective range according to customer needs. Make adjustments to produce paper tubes of the length required by the customer. Of course, the paper tube produced is also very reliable in terms of quality, the surface is very smooth and flat, and there is no fluffing or flanging.

The first is that this product is very simple and convenient in operation. There is no other paper tube machine that is complicated. It only needs to be connected to normal 220V household electricity to operate. There will be no noise during operation. And the electric energy used is relatively low, which effectively saves electricity energy.

Secondly, the overall volume of this product is relatively small, so it is very convenient in terms of product transportation and subsequent installation, only need to occupy a small part of the area. In addition, the production cost of the product is relatively low, so the use of this slitter machine for the manufacture of paper tubes can effectively save costs.