Solution To Poor Heat Seal Strength In Bag Making Mechanism Bag

- Oct 25, 2019-

Solution to poor heat seal strength in bag making mechanism bag

In the production process, there are various small problems in the production process because there is no regular inspection and corresponding maintenance. Here we will first understand the solution to the poor heat seal strength in the bag making mechanism:

1. The use of heat preservation aging promotes the hardening of the adhesive, which can improve the strength and heat resistance of the composite film.

2. When the heat sealing condition is selected, it is selected according to the structure of the composite film, the heat sealing state, or the like, or the heat sealing method is improved, and the film is cooled immediately after heat sealing.

3. Regularly check the shelf life and storage conditions of the heat seal film. Pay attention to the old batch number or heat sealed film.

4. Enhance the thickness of the heat seal layer film.

5. Change the type of the heat seal layer film and select an inner seal film having anti-contamination heat sealability.

6. Improve the heat sealing performance of the heat seal layer.

7. After heat sealing, the degree of treatment of the hot cover is detected, and the appropriate heat sealing temperature is adjusted.

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