The Basic Points Of Safe Operation Of Slitting Machine

- Aug 07, 2020-

The basic points of safe operation of slitting machine


First, the use environment requirements of the slitting machine:

The machine should be installed in a place with proper temperature, dry, ventilated, well-lit, and convenient operation. In addition, in daily use, the environment should be kept tidy, and the machine should be cleaned frequently to keep it clean.

Second, the operating requirements for using the slitter:

High-quality slitting and cross-cutting knives must be used; the machine must perform fixed-length slitting processing for the entire roll or the entire raw material; the machine's fixed-length slitting control needs to be divided into static and dynamic slitting; machine fixed-length The most important performance index of slitting is slitting accuracy, and the length of the finished product is consistent; the slitting length of the machine can be set continuously. If the actual slitting length has an error, it needs to be calibrated by setting parameters.

Third, the precautions for using the slitting machine:

Make sure that the voltage, current and hydraulic pressure are correct and stable before starting up; before the machine is ready for operation, all personnel must be notified to leave to ensure personal safety before starting up; when the machine is running, do not touch the running film roll or roll with your hands In order to avoid personal injury caused by entanglement of hands; during the operation, do not scratch or cut the roller cores of the machine with a knife or hard object.

Fourth, the maintenance of using the slitter:

The electrical parts should be checked and cleaned frequently, and hidden dangers should be removed in time; the rotating parts should be checked, cleaned and lubricated from time to time, especially the wearing parts should be checked and replaced frequently; the fasteners of the machine should be ensured that there is no looseness; The sliding part is in good condition.

The editor above gives a brief introduction from the four aspects of use environment, operation requirements, precautions, and maintenance.

In addition to the basic requirements of the above four aspects, the use of the slitting machine should also improve the safety awareness and technical level of the operating personnel during daily use, and the machine should be regularly overhauled and maintained to improve production efficiency