The Characteristics And Analysis Of Paper Machine Equipment Failure Shutdown

- Jan 26, 2021-

The characteristics and analysis of paper machine equipment failure shutdown

Due to the particularity and complexity of the paper machine production process, equipment failure has the following characteristics:

1. There are many equipment failure points, and equipment failures often occur;

2. The service life of some parts is short, and the frequency of replacement of spare parts is high;

3. There is a large gap between the failure cycle and the occupied maintenance time, which is difficult to manage. There are many reasons for the equipment failure of the paper machine. The main causes of equipment failure are:

1. Wear and tear: Reason one, the parts and equipment that have been in contact with copper mesh, wool cloth or pulp and forming paper for a long time, such as pulp pump, pulper, desander, vacuum box panel, press roll, calender roll, etc.; The second reason is the relatively frequent movement of parts, such as scraper, steam inlet, cylinder, vacuum roll, vacuum pump, etc.

2. Lubrication: The mechanical rotation is inseparable from the bearing. The paper machine mainly rotates the roll. There are many types and numbers of rolls. There are hundreds of various types of bearings. Therefore, lubrication management is very important, especially when it is exposed to water, high temperature, Under the influence of heavy load, lubricating oil (grease) is easy to lose, evaporate, and age, which will damage the lubrication effect and cause bearing damage and shaft head wear. Therefore, regular inspection and refueling is essential.

  3. Fatigue: Heavy-duty and continuous-running machinery are prone to fatigue damage. On the paper machine, because some parts are restricted by the mechanical structure and operating principle, the design strength of the parts (such as the screen shaking spring plate, electromagnetic clutch sucker, coupling anti-overload pin, etc.) should not be too large to avoid damage. As a solution, measures such as maintenance and technical transformation can be taken.