Troubleshoot The Paper Pipette, The Spiral Inside The Paper Pipe Is Very Uneven

- Jul 17, 2019-

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection in developed countries, plastic straw products have been escaping, paper straw products are becoming more and more popular, and the paper straw machine produced at the same time is now a widely used paper tube machinery, Wenzhou. Baihang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. analyzes some faults that often occur in the use of pipettes, and explains the causes and troubleshooting methods of paper pipettes, helping you to use paper pipettes more reasonably. . The following technicians of Wenzhou Baihang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. analyzed the following problems


    1. The spiral inside the paper straw produced by the paper pipette machine is very uneven


    The occurrence of such paper pipettes is mainly caused by the following major aspects. For example, during the operation of the cutting blade inside the pipette device, the resistance to the paper tube is too large. At this time, we only need the blade. Make the appropriate adjustments to properly reduce the resistance.


    Of course, it may also be because the first layer of paper tape is applied with less lubricant, or the application is very uneven. At this time, we need to re-lubricate the first layer of paper tape. The application ensures that the application is uniform, so in general, when we apply the lubricant to the tape for the first time, we should make a proper selection of the amount of lubricant and apply it evenly, so that the subsequent products The production process will be relatively convenient.

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