What Are The Classification And Uses Of Plastic Bag Making Machine

- Apr 18, 2020-

What are the classification and uses of plastic bag making machine

There are many types of plastic bag making machines, and the uses of these different types of plastic bag making machines are not nearly the same. The following plastic bag making machine manufacturers will introduce you.

Types of plastic bags

(1) High-pressure polyethylene plastic bag (2) Low-pressure polyethylene plastic bag

(3) Polypropylene plastic bag

(4) PVC plastic bags

Uses of plastic bags

(1) Uses of high-pressure polyethylene plastic bags:

A. Food packaging: pastries, candy, roasted goods, biscuits, milk powder, salt, tea, etc .;

B. Fiber packaging: shirts, clothing, needle cotton products, chemical fiber products;

C. Packaging for daily necessities.

(2) Uses of low-pressure polyethylene plastic bags:

A. Garbage bags and strain bags;

B. Convenient bags, shopping bags, handbags, vest bags;

C. Fresh-keeping bags;

D. Woven bag inner bag

(3) Uses of polypropylene plastic bags:

Mainly used for packaging textiles, needle cotton products, clothing, shirts, etc.

(4) Uses of PVC plastic bags:

A. Gift bags;

B. Luggage bags, needle cotton packaging bags, cosmetic packaging bags;

C. (Zipper type) document bag and data bag.

Through the above introduction of plastic bag making machine manufacturers, everyone should know what uses and classifications of plastic bag making machines!