What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When Using Plastic Bag Making Machine?

- Apr 16, 2020-

What problems should be paid attention to when using plastic bag making machine?

What problems should be paid attention to in the operation of plastic bag making machine? The following plastic bag machine manufacturers will summarize it for everyone. Nowadays, there are many kinds of express bags. In today's society with interconnected development, the demand for express bags is increasing. The automatic express bag making machine is a fully automated bag making equipment, from the input of raw materials to the forming of packaging bags. The series of processes are completed automatically. What are the production processes and precautions?

1. Before starting the express bag making machine, you must check whether there are dust and debris around it, and remove it; and enter the relevant data of bag making one by one and the required number of each bar; try to choose a pattern with a large color difference Adjust the sensitivity of the optical eye left and right to make it meet the requirements.

2. The main motor of the express bag making machine makes it run at low speed, and then adjusts the side position control to halve the film in the middle position; at the same time, it also needs to adjust the left and right nip rollers of the bag making machine to align and adjust the left and right films. Clamp the rollers back and forth to align the pattern.

3. During the production process, if it is found that the bag making situation of the automatic bag making machine is abnormal, it must be adjusted immediately. The quality inspector is required to carry out the inspection, and after passing the inspection, a certificate of conformity is posted and sent to the quality inspection room for random inspection. Sort out the produced bags, and remove the bags with quality defects after tying them up.

4. Immediately apply the film roll according to the production requirements, adjust the size of the bag, install the heat sealing knife, and initially adjust the position of the slitting knife and the heat sealing knife. After everything is ready, you can turn on the power of the express bag making machine and set the temperature of the heat sealing knife according to the process requirements.

5. After the whole bag-making work is completed, you need to turn off the main power switch of the express bag-making machine, and then turn off the power switch of each part. The staff should do a good job of the relevant foundation, and clean the express bag making machine to keep it in a clean and good condition.