Where Is The Future Core Competitiveness Of Printing Companies?

- Jan 17, 2020-

Where is the future core competitiveness of printing companies?

With the continuous slogan of environmental protection around the world, people deeply understand that the importance of environmental protection to human survival and sustainable development cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is urgent to start green projects, develop green products, and meet environmental protection requirements. With the emergence of various green products, better green packaging and more suitable green printing materials and corresponding printing methods will inevitably be required.

Flexographic printing is a more environmentally friendly printing method. With the maturity of technology and the prevalence of environmental protection concepts, flexographic printing has just adapted to the needs of this era and has increasingly become a preferred green printing process at home and abroad. As far as the current market is concerned, the focus is on printing equipment that affects the development of printing companies. As far as the current equipment demand in the printing industry is concerned, for the printing process, flexographic printing equipment has gradually replaced the mechanical shaft gravure printing equipment, and the application of flexographic printing will have long-term development in China.