Film Slitting Machine

Film Slitting Machine

Thermal paper slitting rewinding machine is typically utilized in high volume production environments thermal paper roll slitter machine where production rate variability due to traditional operator interaction must be avoided
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Film Slitting Machine

Film slitter machine OF Main Feature

Slitting of all types of material like Plastic, Paper, Flexible Packaging, PVC, Aluminum Foil, Stretch Film, LDPE Film, BOPP Film, BOPP Tape, OPP, METPET, Pet Film, OPA, Non-Woven Fabric, Paper Board, Adhesive Tape, Film Ribbon, Textile Cloth, Nylon Fabric, Micro Tape, Coated Paper, Ice Cream Cup Paper, Fax Roll, Laminated Film, Cling Film, Duct Tape, Mask Tape, Rubber, Tarpaulin, Tube, etc. makes us most experienced manufacturer, exporter & supplier of Slitter Rewinder Machine.

A.bopp slitting machine OF UNWIND STATION:

One Mechanical / Automatic Web guiding system

One Mechanical / Automatic Brake

B.plastic film slitting machine OF REWIND STATION:

Type of Rewinding Duplex differential

Rewind Control through, two Clutch assemblies mechanical

Individual Slip Ring arrangement as per require cut

Circular Knife (Standard) (Razor Cutting – Optional) rewinder machine OF NIP UNIT:

With one full width Capacity, hard chrome plated steel roller 150mm

Dia. and one 150mm dia. synthetic rubber roll

One Pressure adjusting device Mechanical for Nip Roller Pneumatic (Optional)


Variable A.C. drive with Blower & Web Guide Controls

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